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Birthdate:Sep 24
Location:Helsinki, Finland
22 year old Juikko Nieminen used to be the drummer in the Finnish world-famous Trash Metal band Angel Fisting, but when the band was on their first world Tour Juikko was arrested for possession and dealing.
To avoid a prison sentence, a deal was struck by Angel Fisting's team of lawyers that Juikko was to serve a 2 year long community service sentence on a space cruiser. Juikko therefore is serving her sentence as a janitor and reports to her boss, head caretaker of Harmony Landing, Mr. Walter Jodorowsky. Juikko is going crazy from boredom, and snooping around a lot, wherever she can. She has a moderate stash of recreational drugs hidden away cleverly, she's watching lots of shows, films and porn, as well as making music and going through her Kung-Fu stances on her free time, but she really wants to get her hands on some serious money, so she can get access to the luxury VIP parts of the ship. She sometimes goes out disguised as "Crimson Scarab", a wigged lady with heavy make-up and extreme heels. Juikko is bored, and will do anything to spice up her community service existence. She is however not bad at being a janitor, since she is good at fixing simple mechanical/electrical problems and maintaining equipment.
Juikko can be seen wearing dungarees or a gray coverall with a black bandana with white skulls on around her head, and heavy combat boots, carrying a toolbox or a tool belt. She will whistle and drum on just about anything, rather skillfully.
Juikko has currently dyed bright purple spiky hair (she fluctuates between that and red), slanted dark eyes showing some Sami-ancestry mixed in with her Finnish blood and is small and skinny. She has a tattoo on her back, depicting a poor weeping angel being treated brutally by a devil's fist in an unfortunate anatomical place, and has piercings in her ears, eyebrows and tongue.
Juikko likes animals and will be offended by anybody who's cruel to pets and the like. She owns 3 cats, that she was allowed to bring with her to her 2 year community service. They have to stay in her quarters, which can be a challenge. The cats are called Loki, Heimdall and Balder.

As for Juikko's background, she's the daughter of two drunks and spent her childhood in foster care, which wasn't a terrible deal, since it was Finland, but she's still pretty clueless on how to be in a family and some other social basics. Juikko is poly and has two partners, one in Finland and one in London. The Finnish boyfriend is fellow musician Armas Järvi, who plays guitar in her band, and her other boyfriend is a British/Caribbean Stunt actor Josue Umar. She misses companionship and wouldn't mind finding new friends and partners during her sentence.

Traits: adrenaline junkie, curious, aggressive, empathetic, artistic

Skills: Drumming (musician), mechanics, electronics, singing, Kung-Fu.
Un-skills: small talk, remembering names and facts, fashion sense, social mingling, strategy.

Belongings: Drum set, compact computer/music archive/gaming/reading device, 3 cats, 2 suit cases with personal belongings (clothes, toiletries), some film/musical posters, make up and fake jewelry.

Interests (26):

an american horror story, black metal, breaking things and putting them together again, candy, classical heavy metal, death metal, doom metal, drinks lots of coffee, fixing things, going to concerts, goth metal, graphic novels, headbanging, horror, industrial metal, makes art out of trashed portrait photography, murder mysteries, nihilistic philosophy, penny dreadful, poetry, recreational drugs, scifi and fantasy, speed metal, talking smack, trash metal, walking dead etc etc
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